Property Rental Management

When choosing your management package, you may choose from two available Packages:

1-Full Management

2-Let Only

Our main priority as your management company is safeguarding your property and we look after, as if it was our own.

Full Management

1.A free rental valuation of your property and its earning potential. We can also advise you on how to increase your property’s value

2.Full marketing of your property on our website, social media accounts where relevant and other websites from our third-party partners.

3.Conduct viewings 24/7

4.Preparing and signing lease documentation

5.Collecting rent and the deposit on your behalf, transferring of balance to your bank account every 3 months

6.Payments on your behalf (common expenses, garden, pool maintenance, all government, semi-government, municipal taxes and other)

7.Providing you with analytical statements

8.Check-in of new tenants by our own staff, including checking the inventory and providing a full condition report. We also introduce tenants to all appliances, meters, stopcocks etc

9.Transferring utilities to tenant names

10.Regular maintenance inspections and reports. We also arrange cost effective repairs

11.Checking tenants out at the end of the lease and agreeing with the tenant the costs of any losses, damage to be deducted from the deposit. Organising and managing any works required

We typically charge 10% of the monthly rent income of Long-Term and 25% on the whole Short-Term Rent gross income, including agent’s commission.

Let Only

1.Full advertising of your property on our website, main portals and “For Rent” boards

2.Personal viewings accompanied by our staff 24/7

3.Lease preparation and signing

4.Collection of the first month’s rent and deposit

We typically charge 100% of one month’s rent for this service. Further services are available for, at an additional cost.

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